1. I am BACK 

  2. If someone wants to send me message .. feel free to do it.

  3. Yes I’m still depressed

  4. Yes I hate  that the weather is so hot in my country and i still have to wear long jeans 

  5. I won’t go any vacations

  6. I won’t find any job

  7. I will just sleep… at least then noone judges me.

I    H A T  E    Summer … for real now… I HATE it. 

Cuz people judge your appearance way MORE then.

Sometimes I wonder : Will someone cry for me at my funeral ?

Guess what ..  I’M FED UP.

Today I was at the bus. A (considered by the society) ugly woman was running to catch the bus , driver saw her , laughed and continue without to stop, even if he could since the road was empty.

10 mins later

A woman who was litteraly a sex bomb was running to catch the bus. Driver stopped immediately.

Don’t tell me It’s a coincidence. It isn’t.

Reblog if it’s okay to start talking to you because you are nice and shit.


LOL Thank you everyone who made compliments about my eyebrows at my recent pic on my facebook account. You made me smile today.

Rain makes me depressed as hell.

 Yes , I’m still crying. Don’t act like you care.